Chinese 3D animation film Legend of A Rabbit has reached further sales deals with Warner’s Cartoon Network acquiring pay-TV rights for India, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Cartoon Network’s Asia Pacific office and Tianjin Northern Film Group have confirmed the deal

For the English-speaking regions, the film’s producer Tianjin Northern Film Group will produce an English-language dubbed version.

The group has conducted an online survey in China to select the favorite Hollywood actors as dubbing cast for the English version. The group has now started approaching the actors, according to Elliot Tong, head of international sales of the group.

The film, previously sold to Noori for Korea, Luxor Film for Russia/CIS, Ram Indo for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, AB Groupe for France and Serenity in Taiwan has also set the release dates in many of the above territories. The film will open in Singapore today (July 21) with Shaw Theaters, in Malaysia on July 28 with Platinum Pictures, in Indonesia on July 28 with Ram Indo and in Thailand on Aug 20 with Sahamongkol. The film will open in Russia on Sept 15 and in Korea at the end of the year.

The film premiered in Beijing last week on 1,000 digital screens across the country. Its first weekend gross reached $1.87m and is aimed to reach $7m, according to Tianjin Northern Film Group and its mainland China distributor China Film Group.

Directed by Sun Lijun and created by a team of 500 animators in Beijing-based Century Colorful Butterfly, Legend of a Rabbit tells about a farmhouse chef rabbit who accidentally acquires superb martial arts skills and challenges an immoral Panda who tries to rule the martial arts world.