The International Film Festival Rotterdam, which kicks off its 36th year on Jan 24, has announced that this year's programme includes 44 world premieres, 23 international premieres and 30 European premieres.

The full programme will be unveiled Jan 18, but world premieres already confirmed include Ragnar Bragason's Children follow-up Parents from Iceland, Nina Davenport's Iraq documentary Operation Filmmaker from the US, and Stephane Gauger's Saigon-set drama The Owl And The Sparrow.

As previously announced, the Tiger Awards Competition includes seven world premieres, starting with opening-night selection The Aerial by Esteban Sapir.

The IFFR world premieres also include the first films to be completed under the new digital production funding of the Hubert Bals Fund. Those are Weed by China 's Wang Liren and The Elephant And The Sea by Malaysian filmmaker Woo Ming Jin.

Rotterdam 2007 World Premieres

VPRO Tiger Awards Competition
AFR by Morten Hartz Kaplers ( Denmark )
The Aerial (La antena) by Esteban Sapir ( Argentina )
Does It Hurt' - The First Balkan Dogma (Boli li' - Prvata balkanska Dogma) by Aneta Lesnikovska (Macedonia/Netherlands)
Ex Drummer by Koen Mortier (Belgium/Netherlands/Italy/France)
La fine del mare by Nora Hoppe (Germany/Italy/France)
Tides (La marea) by Diego Martinez Vignatti (Belgium)
The Unpolished (Die Unerzogenen) by Pia Marais (Germany)
Yo (Me) by Rafa Cortes (Spain)

Cinema of the Future: Sturm und Drang
Autohystoria by Raya Martin (Philippines)
Balikbayan Box by Ramon Mes, De Guzman & Noel Montano (Philippines)
A White Ballad (Una ballata bianca) by Stefano Odoardi (Italy/Netherlands)
Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness by Laurin Federlein (UK)
Chalanggai (Dancing Bells) by Deepak Kumaran Menon (Malaysia)
The Elephant and the Sea by Woo Ming Jin (Malaysia)
Forever Never Anywhere (Immer nie am Meer) by Antonin Svoboda (Austria)
Inzeyen - Sweet Delight (Inzeyen - Malina) by Vladimir Sivkov (Russia)
Owl and the Sparrow (Cu va chim se se) by Stephane Gauger (US/Vietnam)
Parents (Foreldrar) by Ragnar Bragason (Iceland)
Raised from Dust (Ju zi chen tu) by Gan Xiao'er (China)
The Time That Rests (El tiempo que se queda) by Jose Luis Torres Leiva (Chile)
Weed by Wang Liren (China)

Cinema of the World: Time & Tide
As a Fly Drawn to the Flame (Als een vlieg naar de vlam) by Barbara Hanlo (Netherlands)
At The River (U reki) by Eva Neymann (Ukraine)

Hamlet by Aleksandar Rajkovic (Serbia)
I Want To Dance (Kaishuiyaotang, guniangyaozhuang) by Hu Shu (China)
A Man 's Job (Miehen tyo) by Aleksi Salmenpera (Finland)
The Mark of Cain by Marc Munden (UK)
On the Wings of Dreams (Swopnodanay) by Golam Rabbany Biplob (Bangladesh)
Operation Filmmaker by Nina Davenport (US)
Squatterpunk (Iskwaterpangk) by Khavn (Philippines)
Between heaven and earth (Tussen hemel en aarde) by Frank van den Engel & Masja Novikova (Netherlands)
Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me It Would Become This Bad in Afghanistan (Waarom heeft niemand mij verteld dat het zo erg zou worden in Afghanistan) by Cyrus Frisch (Netherlands)
Zero Zone (Shoonya) by Arindam Mitra (India)

Maestros: Kings & Aces
Abandoned House by James Herbert (US/Italy)
Ararat - Fourteen Views by Don Askarian (Armenia/Netherlands/Germany)
Bakushi by Hiroki Ryuichi (Japan)

Cinema Regained
Fragments of Cinema and Philosophy (Schegge di cinema e filosofia ) by Enrico Ghezzi, Ciro Giorgini & Stefano Francia di Celle (Italy)
In the Shadow of the Light by Sarah Payton & Chris Teerink (Netherlands/US)

Freesia (Freesia -Bullet over Tears) by Kumakiri Kazuyoshi (Japan)
Viva by Anna Biller (US)

Music Please!
The Old Weird America : Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music by Rani Singh (US)

Still 16
1, 2, 3, Whiteout by James June Schneider (France/US)