The San Sebastian International Film Festival has revealed the four films that will compete in the fourth edition of Cinema In Motion, which highlights key projects from the Maghreb region and developing Arabian countries.

This year's selected projects are Lebanese director De Gaulle Eid's Chou Sar' (Lebanon-France-Palestine); Najwa Najjar's Pomegranates And Myrrh (Palestine); Mohamed Chrif Tribak's Le Temps Des Camarades (Morocco); and Mohamed Zineddaine's Tu Te Souviens D'Adil' (Morocco).

Chou Sar' is a documentary charting the director's return to his home town in northern Lebanon, where his parents, younger sister and 11 other members of his family were gunned down in 1980.

Pomegranates And Myrrh is a romantic tale set in Palestine, involving a free-spirited dancer who is forced to marry a prisoner but falls for another man, a Palestinian returnee. All the while her family are fighting the confiscation of their land.

Le Temps Des Camarades sees two students caught up in politics and each other at university in the early 1990s.

Tu Te Souviens D'Adil' is about a Moroccan boy who decides to leave his home country to live in Italy, where he looks after his handicapped brother while working for an unsavoury character who hires him to do odd jobs.

All four projects will compete for awards worth more than $74,000 (Euros 50,000) in completion funding and post-production work, as well as conversion from digital to 35mm and French subtitling, provided by the likes of Centre National de la Cinematographie, Mikros Image and Kodak Suisse.

Last year's selected projects included Je Veux Voir, starring Catherine Deneuve, which went on to screen in Un Certain Regard at Cannes this year, and Recycle, which won the cinematography award at Sundance.