In addition to expanding its selection to projects with some financing in place, the Sarajevo Film Festival's co-production market CineLink has secured record funding of $68,150 (Euros 50,000) in its fifth edition.

In addition to the long-term partner Hubert Bals Fund, the Goteborg International Film Festival and France's CNC have each contributed the development grants to three projects of $13,630 (Euros 10,000) each.

The Hubert Bals Fund Award went to project Donkey by Croatian Antonio Nuic, Romanian Melissa de Raaf and Razvan Radulescu received Goteborg's prize for First Of All Felicia, while Serbian writer Milena Markovic and director Oleg Novkovic took the CNC award for White, White World.

The producer of the latter project - Uliks Fehmiu - won the EAVE scolarship given in co-operation with the regional funds Vienna Filmfund (Austria), MDM -Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (Germany) and MFG Filmforderung Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany).

In kind awards are given by the CineLink partner Synchro Film and Video from Vienna, which contributed $3,407 (Euros 2,500) in laboratory services to each of projects receiving the development grants while equipment rental company and laboratory MagicBox Multimedia from Novi Sad (Serbia) granted in-kind support of $9,541 (Euros 7,000) to Adrian Pall by Agnes Kocsis and Andrea Roberti.

CineLink Jury members are Georges Goldenstern, Cedomir Kolar, Behrooz Hashemian, and funds representatives Asa Larsson, Camilla Larson, Marit van der Elshout and Jacqueline Ada.