Scottish producer Ros Borland hasestablished BS Distribution to handle the UKrelease of her latest feature WildCountry. The low-budget teen horror movie was made by Borland's GabrielPictures and co-stars Martin (Sweet Sixteen)Compston and Peter Capaldi.

It will be released in six prints in Scotlandon February 24 with a wider release across the UKdepending on initial results. The film was written and directed by Craig Strachan who provides the S in BS Distribution and it willhave its world premiere as part of the Glasgow Film Festival on February 18.Borland's previous feature Afterlifewon the Audience Prize at Edinburghin 2003. Borland attributes the move into distribution as part of a desire toretain a greater degree of personal control over Wild Country's release.

'The film was developed and made over a five year period andit's difficult to let it go into other hands that may not treat it as thepriority it is for us,' she explains. 'It is an original horror movie with agreat young cast and a story that is deeply embedded in Scotland so it shouldwork well in the Scottish market before travelling further and we will be doingeverything to ensure that.'

Borland has a number of horror projects in development with Strachan and anticipates any future features would also bereleased via BS Distribution.

The company is one of several small labels based in Scotlandincluding Cinefile, which released The Adventures Of Arsene Lupin, and Park Circuswhich specialises in re-releases. Park Circus will re-release David Leanclassic Brief Encounter (1945) in UKcinemas on February 10.