After Serbianpolice arrested some 100 dealers with pirated DiVX's and DVD's of We Are NotAngels 2 last week, the reason for the 39% fall-off of greatest local box-office champ of all times became obvious.

Nevertheless, theblockbuster continues to break records, and after this weekend's 53,890admissions (total of 440,856) it has awhopping cume of $1,334,809.

Unbeatableperformance of the local hit prompted distributors to revise their releaseschedules and the only release of the weekend with any potential went intonumber two: Blade: Trinity opened with 1,776 tickets and a gross of$9,088 on six prints for Tuck.

First Productionopened with Wim Wenders' Land Of Plenty in ninth, having attracted 260spectators to spend $954 ($2,657 including previews) on two prints.