When I Grow Up I'll Be A Kangaroo (Kad Porastem Bicu Kengur), the new teen comedy from Thunderbirds (Munje) (2001) director Radivoje Rasa Andric and producers Milko Josifov and Zoran Cvijanovic opened at number one last weekend, selling 19,319 admissions for a total gross of $75,695 for Cinears.

Josifov is a partial owner of both the production company Yodi Movie Craftsman and distributor Cinears and the film also shares part of the Thunderbirds cast and the same urban spirit that made Thunderbirds the third highest ever grossing film in Serbia and Montenegro.

Robbery Of The Third Reich thus fell to second position with a total of $789,310 after this weekend's 7,802 admissions for Mirius. The same distributor this weekend opened Lost In Translation in fourth place with 2,279 tickets and cumulative gross of $28,417 and with 21 Grams at the seventh position with 1,222 and total of $16,573.

Both totals are higher than their weekend admissions thanks to screenings at FEST, which also helped Dogville at eight and Dreamers at five to have higher cumes.