On the heels of LoveFilm's launch of a 500-title library of film downloads in the UK, satellite TV company Sky is also offering digital downloads of films to customers' computers.

The Sky by broadband service is now being offered to Sky's digital TV subscribers in the UK and Ireland. More than 200 films are offered for download to a Sky subscribers' PC at no extra cost (if customers subscribe to two or more premium channels). The downloads are only compatible with the Windows XP platform.

Current films include Spider-Man 2, The Day After Tomorrow, and Dr Strangelove. Sky said the library of offerings would grow to more than 1000 titles from the Sky Movies catalog.

Technology company ioko developed the Sky by broadband application, using peer-to-peer technology from ioko's partnership with Kontiki.

Sky is also offering a new Sky by mobile service to offer content for mobile phones.

"Sky will use new technologies to stay ahead and give customers more choice and more value. These services are part of a continuing stream of innovations that will create even more reasons to join Sky," said Sky COO Richard Freudenstein.