Stuttgart-based Sola Media has picked up international rights to terrorist drama Long Shadows which had its world premiere in competition in Rome this week.

Directed by Connie Walther and starring Franziska Petri and Ulrich Noethen, the film follows a former German RAF terrorist released after two decades in prison who falls for his next door neighbour, a fragile young woman who has just lost custody of her son.

'My generation grew up with the RAF,' said producer Clementina Hegewisch of NextFilm. 'I went to school with the daughters of Ulrike Meinhof. Since that time, the 'German Autumn,' in all likelihood one of the most consequential phases of German post-war history, has been analyzed and interpreted in school books. Our film recounts the impact of this history but, above all, it deals with the fact that history has always emerged and will always emerge from personal decisions.'