Following on a similar UK deal with Arts Alliance Media, Sony PicturesTelevision International has struck a video-on-demand agreement with TelecomItalia.

Telecom Italia will offer Sonyfilms on its Alice Home TV internet service and its ASDL portal Rosso Alice.

The VOD offerings will include recent releases and catalogue titles. Some ofthe films on offer include The Da VinciCode, Serpico, The Mask Of Zorro, Erin Brockovich, MenIn Black and Stuart Little.

Telecom Italia's Alice Home already offers 2500 titles from local andinternational content partners.

"This agreement marks animportant milestone for SPTI as we increase and diversify our distributionplatforms in Europe" said Stuart Baxter, senior vice president ofEuropean distribution for SPTI. "The Italian TV landscape is changingdramatically with the emergence of IPTV and the growth of pay TV and we aredelighted to be working with one of the key drivers in this market."