Kanzaman, the Spanish production company, is set to make a 16th century action adventure film called Zanshin, involving battles between the Japanese and Spanish

Spanish-Italian film maker Marco De Aguilar will direct from a script by Ricardo Lamas. Shooting is set to take place next year, but the location is yet to be decided.

The film will follow the travails of two young Spanish hidalgos forced to flee to Japan to avoid an Inquisition trial, but there troubles do not stop there as they are forced to fight for the lives and for the love of a beautiful Japanese princess.

Mark Albela, Kanzaman partner, said: “We want it to be in the style of an Indiana Jones with plenty of action, but good story development as well. We have written three scripts so far and are working on the fourth.”

Kanzaman already has a good track record with historical action adventure films having co-produced Ridley Scott’s 12th century-set Kingdom Of Heaven, which took a healthy $14m in Spain alone.

“We think Zanshin has a lot of market potential and could do well not just in Spain, but also the US and South America,” adds Albela, who will produce the film alongside Denise O’Dell. “We have already had interest in the film from the European branches of the big US studios and are planning to turn this into a franchise if it works.”

Kanzaman will be looking for a Japanese co-production partner on the project, and are planning to combine the Spanish 18% tax credit, the Valencia region incentive and private equity from leading investors to help fund the film.