Spanish scriptwriter Rafael Russo is set to direct English-language romantic drama, Woman In A Bar, starring Elena Anaya.

The film will be a US-UK-Spain co-production and La Zona is expected to start talks with production companies imminently.

Russo has already written the script, which revolves around an Irish musician who leaves his Spanish girlfriend in Madrid to live in New York where he finds love in unusual circumstances. Shooting is set to take place on location in the city next year.

La Zona’s Maria Contreras said: “We will be looking for co-production partners in the US and UK for the project. And we are very excited to have the fantastic actress Elena Anaya already attached.”

Anaya has previously starred in Pedro Almodovar’s Talk To Her and alongside Viggo Mortensen in Alatriste, Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing and Penelope Cruz in Don’t Tempt Me.

La Zona is currently working on Roberto Santiago’s new comedy Are You There, which will start shooting next month, and will start production on drama 23-F early next year.