Shooting begins next Mondayon The 2 Sides Of The Bed, the sequel to Spain's 2002 box officegargantuan The Other Side Of The Bed.

It is just one of severalsequels in the works in Spain, including the third in Santiago Segura's runawayTorrente series and plans for a follow-up to 2004 hit Isi & Disi.Together with teen-targeted movies, sequels represent one way Spanish producerscan lure audiences away from US blockbusters.

With the same backers andmuch of the same cast and crew, Two Sides (Los 2 Lados De La Cama) looksto repeat the success of the original, a romantic comedy with intentionallyamateurish musical numbers set to local pop classics from the 1970s and on,which earned Euros 12.6m in Spain through Buena Vista and was picked up forinternational by Lion's Gate.

Telespan 2000's TomasCimadevilla, co-producer of both films with Estudios Picasso and Impala, admits"we're starting with a certain advantage thanks to the draw of the original,but we're not just taking advantage of that success." In fact, he says, thesequel's Euros 1m-plus budget increase to Euros 4.2m will go towards "an evenmore spectacular production and a riskier, thoroughly hashed-out script."

Director EmilioMartinez-Lazaro and writer David Serrano reunite with actors Ernesto Alterio,Guillermo Toledo, Alberto San Juan and Maria Esteve. Starlets Paz Vega andNatalia Verbeke are missing but in their stead are TV favourite VeronicaSanchez, Pilar Castro and Lucia Jimenez.