Writer has four features in the works.

By his own admission, writer Sebastian Foster is “ridiculously fast” — averaging a screenplay every two months. “He could be the most optioned writer in Britain,” says one sales agent — and, as yet, unproduced. “He creates clearly defined characters and interesting stories and tells them in a commercial and cinematic way.” Among them: Burnthaven, with Christian Colson at Cloud Eight Films; hard-boiled crime drama Black Ice with Corona Pictures (Oscar-nominated Tanel Toom to direct); and futuristic action thriller Harry’s Cut with Jason Newmark at Dan Films. Foster’s most recent screenplay, a sci-fi horror called The Dead, is also out to producers. A genre-shifter, he is a sophisticated, strong writer who took a while to come to the blank page. He worked in a wide variety of jobs — including as a crossword compiler — until he formally set to writing. “My most potent memories never happened to me,” he says, recalling how, as a child, he would creep down the stairs at night to watch the classics. “Ideas are cheap and they never let you down.” He credits his recent success with his representation: “You are really only as good as your agent,” he says.

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