Summer Movies Release Schedule
AtonementAug 31Sept 14TBCSept 27Sept 21Oct 26Oct 6TBCOct 31Sept 28Nov 2
The Bourne UltimatumAug 3Aug 3Sept 12Sept 6Aug 14Oct 19TBCSept 20Aug 9Aug 3Aug 17
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & LarryJuly 20Sept 21Aug 29Sept 20Sept 7Sept 19TBCSept 6July 26Aug 17Sept 14
Evan AlmightyJune 22July 20Aug 15Aug 9Aug 17June 15Sept 8TBCJune 28June 29July 27
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver SurferJune 15Aug 10Aug 8TBCAug 10June 15TBCJune 14June 21July 6June 29
Harry Potter And The Order Of The PhoenixJuly 13July 13July 11July 12July 13July 13July 21July 12July 12July 13July 13
Hostel: Part IIJune 8June 22July 11June 14June 15June 22TBCTBCJune 7July 20Aug 24
The InvasionAug 17Sept 14Sept 5Sept 27Sept 7TBCDec 22TBCSept 6Aug 17Nov 16
Live Free Or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4)June 29July 6July 4June 28Sept 7Sept 7June 30June 28July 19July 6Aug 3
No ReservationsJuly 27Aug 31Sept 12Sept 13Aug 31TBCTBCSept 6Aug 23Sept 14Sept 7
Ocean's ThirteenJune 8June 8June 20June 7June 8June 8Aug 11June 7July 19June 8June 29
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's EndMay 25May 25May 23May 24May 25May 23May 26May 25May 24May 25May 25
RatatouilleJune 29Oct 5Aug 1Aug 2Aug 3Oct 19July 28July 27June 28July 6July 6
Rush Hour 3Aug 10Aug 10Oct 24Aug 16TBCTBCSept 15TBCAug 16TBCSept 7
Shrek The ThirdMay 18June 29June 13June 21June 22Aug 31June 30June 6June 14June 15June 15
The Simpsons MovieJuly 27July 27July 25July 26July 27Sept 21TBCJuly 26July 26July 27Aug 17
Spider-Man 3May 4May 4May 2May 3May 4May 4May 5May 3May 3May 4May 4
Surf's UpJune 8Aug 10Oct 17Sept 27Aug 15Oct 5Dec 8Aug 9Sept 13July 27Oct 26
TransformersJuly 4July 27July 25July 4July 6July 4Aug 4June 29June 29July 20July 20
28 Weeks LaterMay 11May 11Oct 10July 19June 29June 1TBCMay 10May 10June 1June 1
TBC: dates unavailable at time of press. All dates correct at start of March.