Nordisk has appealed the rating and Media Council will re-screen film.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 has been slapped with Sweden’s highest rating, 15. This means that no one under 15 will be admitted into cinemas.

Local fans are furious, and distribution company Nordisk Film is now appealing the rating for the second time. The film is due for global release starting Nov 18.

“We estimate that at least ten percent of the Twilight audience in Sweden is under 15,” Pia Grünler, CEO at the Swedish branch of Nordisk Film, told Screen.

The first Twilight carried the 15 rating. Film number two, New Moon, was first classified as 15, but then had that reversed to 11 (meaning that anyone from 7, with parental guidance, could see he film). Film number three, Eclipse, got the 11 rating immediatelly.

The Swedish Media Council, said in its verdict of the new film that the combination of themes of anxiety, gory horror scenes and a bloody childbirth scene made it necessary to give the film Sweden’s highest rating.

Nordisk has appealed to The Administrative Court in Stockholm, which rejected the appeal. But since the first print that the Media Council looked at could be regarded as not the finished film (without the credits) Nordisk has now asked that the finished cinema print should be looked at. The Media Council has agreed and the film will now be screened again for rating, probably on Friday.

“This could mean a reversal of the decision, but we will have to wait and see,” says Grünler.