The Swedish Film Institute has granted $4m (SEK 26,290,000) in production funding for 13 films.

The four features to receive funding are: The Crown Jewels (dir. Ella Lemhagen), The Golden Piglet Hotel (dir. Mikael Syrén), Savage (dirs. Martin Jern, Emil Larsson) and The Stig-Helmer Story (dir. Lasse Åberg).

Lemhagen’s (Patrik, Age 1.5) drama received the highest grant,$1.4m (SEK 9m). The feature recounts the life story of a young woman who is accused of murdering the son of a company director.

Short films to receive funding were: Buying A Car, The Seventh Pullet, Killing The Chickens To Scare The Monkeys, Come And See, Mouse, Tommy And Eva, (The Importance Of) Hair, I Was Worth 50 Sheep, and My Grandmother Had Tattooed Hands.