Taiwan'sGovernment Information Office (GIO) has announced the 21 film and televisionseries selected for the inaugural 2005 Taiwan Film and TV Project Promotion(TFTPP).

Theevent runs from 13-14 November in Taipei as part of the newly-announced TaiwanInternational Film & TV Expo (TIFTE).

Modelledon the Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP), held in South Korea during October's PusanInternational Film Festival, TFTPP includes three former PPP projects, NonzeeNimibutr's historical epic The Queens of Pattani, Fruit Chan's redemption movie NeonGlows in Myanmar and He Jianjun's Harvest, about nomadic farmers in northwest China

Highlightsamong the Taiwanese projects include Leste Chen's high-concept supernaturalthriller Resurrection, PeterLee's pan-Chinese romantic comedy Dirt Rich inShanghai and documentary director Lin Yu-hsien's firstnarrative feature, detective movie Ximin DingStation Exit 6.

Thefive-member jury which filtered the 47 local submissions down to 12 commercially-viable projects comprised of actress Chang Hsiao-yan, writer Hou Wen-yung,professor Lee Tien-tuo, Twentieth Century Fox Taiwan's Tu Ming, and Peggy Chou,Director of GIO's Motion Picture Department.

Internationalguests expected to attend the project market include Wouter Barendrecht(Fortissimo), Tsuguhiko Kadokawa (Kadokawa Pictures), Bill Kong(Edko Films), Lee Joon-ik (Cineworld Entertainment), Philip Lee (CelestialPictures) and international producer Barrie Osborne.

TheTaiwan International Film & TV Expo runs from 4-17 November and comprisesof 10 events, including the 27th Golden Horse Film Festival, 42nd Golden HorseAwards for film, 40th Golden Bell Awards for television, and the 3rd TaipeiInternational TV, Film and Digital Contents Exhibition.

Thesuccessful projects are:

A Story about Grandpa Lin Wang(Taiwan) dir. Wang Toon [Animation]

The Voice (Taiwan) dir. Kevin Ko

Ximin Ding Station Exit 6(Taiwan) dir. Lin Yu-hsien

Resurrection (Taiwan) dir. Leste Chen

The Fire of Basketball (Taiwan) dir. NiuCheng-tse

Lianxi qu (Taiwan) dir. Chen Huai-en

Slam Dunk(Taiwan) dir. Chu Yen-ping

Dirt Rich in Shanghai(Taiwan) dir. Peter Lee

Formosan Dance(Taiwan) dir. Danny Dun [TV Series]

Ami! Nonstop!(Taiwan) dir. Arthur Chu [TV Series]

Their Father is a Legend (Taiwan) dir. Chiang Chin-lin [Documentary]

Chu Ming tai chi(Taiwan) dir. Akibo Lee [Animation]

The Queens of Pattani(Thailand) dir. Nonzee Nimibutr

Neon Glows in Myanmar (HongKong) dir. Fruit Chan

The Most Famous Bird in Taiwan (Hong Kong) dir. Tsai Cheng-liang

Gauyi dong ji keung (HongKong) dir. Lam Wah-chuen

Harvest (China)dir. He Jianjun

Legend of Yelang (China)

Father and Son (HongKong) dir. Patrick Tam

The Legend of the Sea(Singapore) dir. Edward Fu [Animation]

TheHunter (Singapore/Thailand)