A diverse programme offilms has been finalised for Berlinale's Kinderfilmfest and 14plus. Of the twenty-one films chosen, fourwill have their world premieres. These include two German films Hänsel und Gretel (Hansel and Gretel) by director Anne Wild and GernotRoll's Der Räuber Hotzenplotz (The Robber Hotzenplotz) a film from India, Doodh aurApheem (Milk & Opium) by Joel Palombo andLapislazuli - im Auge desBären by Wolfgang Murnberger.

There are eight international premieres one of thosetitles, Peter Cattaneo's Opal Dream astory of a young girl whose spritely imaginary friends become a real threat toher family in the outback of Australia, will open the Kinderfilmfest.

The youth film competition 14pluswill be opened by Chinese film, Women Liang (You and Me)by director Ma Li Wen on Friday, February 10th.This is the tale of two women from different generations whose personalitiesclash none of which is helped by their highly unusual living arrangements.

Also showing are 21 short filmsfrom 16 countries. One of the central themes for many of the Asian entries wasthe depiction of controversial family issues a favourite topic particularlyamong the young directors.

Programme Kinderfilmfest

Drømmen (We ShallOvercome) by Niels Arden Oplev (Denmark/Great Britain)

Hänsel und Gretel (Hansel and Gretel) by Anne Wild (Germany)

Der Räuber Hotzenplotz (The Robber Hotzenplotz) by Gernot Roll (Germany)

Opal Dream byPeter Cattaneo (Great Britain /Australia)

Doodhaur Apheem (Milk &Opium) by Joel Palombo (India)

Mizuno Hana (Water Flower) byYusuke Kinoshita (Japan)

Het Paard van Sinterklaas (Winky's Horse) by Mischa Kamp (The Netherlands /Belgium)

Lapislazuli - im Auge des Bären by Wolfgang Murnberger (Austria /Germany /Luxembourg)

AngPagdadalaga niMaximo Oliveros (TheBlossoming of Maximo Oliveros) by Auraeus Solito (Philippines)

Jestem(I Am) by DorotaKedzierzawska (Poland)

Percy,BuffaloBill & Jag (Percy, BuffaloBill & I) by Anders Gustafsson (Sweden /Denmark)

ADios Momo byLeonardo Ricagni (Uruguay)International Premiere

KinderfilmfestShort Films

BloodyFooty by Dean Chircop (Australia)

Alice oula vie en noir et blanc (Alice or life in black and white) bySophie Schoukens, (Belgium)

Krig og kager(War and Peas) by Jannik Hastrup (Denmark)

Sprækker(Cracks) by Aage Rais-Nordentoft (Denmark)

Der Propellervogel (The Propellerbird) by Jan Locher, Thomas Hinke, (Germany)

Wutz & Wiebke by Leonore Poth (Germany)

00h17 by Xavier de Choudens (France)

OKleftis (The Thief) byIrina Boiko (Greece)

Luckyby Avie Luthra (Great Britain)

The Gift by Jessica Langford (Great Britain)

Rajkumari(Little Princess) byVictoria Harwood (Great Britain)

The FaeryWind by Edith Pieperhoff (Ireland)

Vikaby Tsivia Barkai (Israel)

BigGirl by Renuka Jeyapalan (Canada)

Thefirst day of my life by David Uloth(Canada)

DenDanske Dikteren (The DanishPoet) by Torill Kove, (Norway/Canada)

Blue Willow by Veialu Aila-Unsworth (New Zealand)

Zlydni (Troubles) byStepan Koval (Russia/ Ukraine)

Aldrigen absolution (Never an Absolution) by Cameron B. Alyasin (Sweden / USA)

Wei xiao der yu(A fish with a smile) by C.Jay Shih, Alan Tuan, Poliang Lin, (Taiwan)

Chicle (Gum) by Josh Hyde (USA / Peru)


WomenLiang (You and Me) by Ma Li-Wen (China)

Tyttö sinä olet tähti(Beauty and the Bastard) byDome Karukoski (Finland)

Marock by Laïla Marrakchi (France)

Kamataki by Claude Gagnon (Canada / Japan)

Het Schnitzel Paradijs (Schnitzel Paradise) by Martin Koolhoven (The Netherlands)

Tae-Poong-Tae-Yang (The Aggressives) byJeong Jae-eun (Republic of Korea)

LovitorbyFarkhot Abdullaev (Russia)

Fyra Veckori Juni (Four Weeks in June)byHenry Meyer (Sweden)

Quinceañeraby Wash Westmoreland, Richard Glatzer (USA)