The Weinstein Company (TWC) is in final negotiations to take US and Latin American rights to Dario Argento's forthcoming Giallo which is scheduled to start shooting on March 3.

LA-based Hannibal Pictures is handling world sales and also financing the $7-8m picture, which has been described as a return to the genre that the cult horror director pioneered in the 1970s.

TWC previously bought rights to Argento's last film, The Mother Of Tears, which was the third installment of a witch's trilogy that began with cult horror classics Suspiria and Inferno.

Hannibal CEO Richard Rionda Del Castro also confirmed sales to Media Films for Spain and Portugal, Spentzos for Greece, Monolith for Poland and Eagle Films for the Middle East. Del Castro said he expects to also tie up deals with Italy, France, Scandinavia, Germany and Japan early next week.

The picture stars Vincent Gallo in the lead role of a serial killer, with Ray Liotta playing the detective who has long been tracking him.

The plot revolves around the snatching of a fashion model (Elsa Pataky) just as her flight attendant sister (Asia Argento) jets to Milan to meet her on a shoot.

The cast will be rounded out with a cameo by an internationally renowned fashion designer, the film's co-producer Rafael Primorac told Screendaily. Primorac's LA-based Arramis Films is producing with Claudio Argento of Rome-based Opera Film.

Screenwriters Jim Agnew and Sean Keller wrote the story inspired in part by Argento's legacy. 'It's a very fast story with strong characters. It has great energy and is very creepy,' Primorac assures.

The film will shoot for 30 days in the Turin Piedmont district in the North-West of Italy. It will be Argento's seventh film to shoot in the region, the director's favorite location to shoot, Opera Film confirmed.