The UK Film Council has announced some ofthe latest recipients of funding from its Print and Advertising Fund.

Among January's theatrical releases in theUK, the P&A fund is providing Redbus with $351,920(£200,000) for its release of Michael Winterbottom's A Cock and Bull Story, Icon $93,258 (£53,000)for Woody Allen's Match Point, Guerilla Films $36,953 (£21,000) for Juliet Keon's Frozen,and Pathe $123,178 (£70,000) for Neil Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto.

The Film Council noted that for the releaseof A Cock and Bull Story, the P&Afunding helped Redbus increase the number of screensfrom 60 to 150.

The fund, which was re-launched in June 2005with an annual budget of $3.5m (£2m), aims to support broader releases ofspecialised films in the UK. Previous releases supported by the P&Afund include March of the Penguins, Broken Flowers, Guy X, and Mad Hot Ballroom.