The UK arm of Universal Pictures Video (UPV) has restructured its management team as a result of the closure of theatrical operation United Pictures International (UPI).

Eddie Cunningham, previously UPV managing director, will become chairman of UPV, reporting directly to Peter Smith, president of Universal Pictures International. Cunningham replaces David Kosse, who has left the company.

Meanwhile UPV marketing director Melanie Nicholas has been promoted to replace Cunningham as managing director. Her team includes head of programming AJ Pearce, marketing manager (theatrical video releases) Darren Linton and marketing manager (special interest) Amanda Furman.

UPV has also appointed David Edwards as sales and operations director with a brief to centralise sales and distribution operations rather than support any one label.

'We are operating in an extremely dynamic market and consequently must ensure our business is structured to meet the challenges we are facing,' Cunningham said.