Private German film fund Victory Media plans to co-finance EM.TV & Merchandising's proposed internet platform Junior Web through its 16th MultiMediaFonds.

The fund, which plans to raise the necessary capital from private individual investors by mid-December, will channel about $29m (DM66m) into the web-site and about $25m (DM57) into co-producing nine animated TV series from EM.TV's Junior stable.

In addition, Victory is stumping up around $44m (DM100m) to be a 50% partner with Italy's DeAngelis Film Production & Distribution on ten live-action programmes being produced by DeAngelis' Dutch-based Global Entertainment. These include TV movie Father Hope, starring veteran Italian star Bud Spencer, and three-parter Pamela, based on the 18th century classic novel by Samuel Richardson, to be shot in Ireland.