Set up in 2006 by Manuel Cristobal who previously worked as an executive producer at Dygra Films, and is a partner in the Madrid-based agency 6 Sales. Cristobal recently bought the rights to Fernando Aramburu's novel The Fish Of Bitterness about terrorist group ETA and is looking for a director.

Zombie Western: The Legend Of The Dark Butcher

Dirs: Juanjo Ramirez, Tor Fruergaard

Dist: TBC

Local release date: 2009

A mass murderer of Native Americans in the Wild West faces serious trouble when the victims come back to life. Perro Verde and Denmark's Happy Flyfish are presently financing the project.


Dir: Alfonso Zarausa

Dist (Sp): Iroko Films

Local release date: Dec 2008

Perro Verde's first live-action film is a romantic drama, starring Galicia's best-known actor Luis Tosar. It has its world premiere at the Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain in October.

The Missing Lynx

Dirs: Raul Garcia, Manuel Sicilia

Dist (Sp): Aurum

Local release date: Dec 2008

A co-production between Perro Verde Films, Kandor Graphics and Antonio Banderas' Green Moon, The Missing Lynx tells the story of an eccentric millionaire who constructs his own Noah's ark to save animals from extinction. "It's a family film with some quirky touches," says Cristobal.

Los Muertos Van Deprisa

Dir: Angel de da Cruz

Dist (Sp): Disney

Local release date: Jan 2009

Originally in the hands of Dygra, but taken over by Cristobal when he set up Perro Verde. It tells the story of a seafood wholesaler who arrives at a small coastal town and gets stuck on a bridge, blocking the route of the locals who are trying to take a dead body to the church. De la Cruz' first live-action film is a co-production with his own company Artematica.


Set up in 1987 by Manolo Gomez as a graphic design studio experimenting with new technology, the company then moved onto 3D animation with a new studio built in 1997. Its first feature, The Living Forest, became the most successful animated film in Spain in 2001 and made the animation long-list for the Academy Awards.

Spirit Of The Forest

Dirs: David Rubin, Juan C Pena

Dist (Sp): Dygra

Local release date: Sep 5

A sequel to The Living Forest, Spirit tells the story of a group of animals fighting to save their forest from an evil businessman's plans to build a motorway through it. An English-language version of the film, voiced by Ron Perlman, Anjelica Huston, Sean Astin and Giovanni Ribisi, will be sold by Los Angeles-based Fantastic Films International at various markets. Spirit will be released on 150 prints in Spain.

Holy Night

Dirs: David Rubin, Juan Galinanes

Dist (Sp): Dygra

Local release date: Dec 2009

Now in production in 3D, Holy Night sees nativity scene characters declare war on their Christmas tree counterparts. "We are also looking for an international co-production partner to work on the project," says Manolo Gomez.


Producer Emma Lustres set up Vaca in 2003 to work with local Galician film talent on primarily fiction projects for an international market. She recently bought the rights to Fernando Marias' novel Invasor, which will be adapted by Jorge Arenillas.


Dir: Luis Aviles

Dist (Sp): TBC

Local release date: TBC

Based on a script by Alejandro Hernandez, Retornos is a hard-hitting thriller co-produced with Argentina's Patagonik Films and set to start shooting in Galicia in January next year.

Cell 211

Dir: Daniel Monzon

Dist: Telecinco

Local release date: 2009

A co-production between Vaca Films, Morena Films and Telecinco Cinema in Spain and La Fabrique 2 in France, Cell 211 tells the story of a prison guard who has to cope with a riot. Shooting has just begun in Zamorra. Scripted by Jorge Guerricaechevarria.

Neon Flesh

Dir: Paco Cabezas

Dist: TBC

Local release date: TBC

This $5.6m comedy about a young entrepreneur who tries to put together a brothel is a co-production with Morensa Films and Mandarin Films in France, among others. Set to shoot in November.


Founded by Pancho Casal and Xavier Villaverde in 1990, as part of the Continental Group, Continental Producciones focuses on feature films and TV movies, in particular, international co-productions.

Sex Of Angels

Dir: Xavier Villaverde

Dist (Sp): TBC

Local release date: TBC

A long-in-the-works project about a couple whose emotional security is shattered by the arrival of a man preaching free love. Shooting will start early next year in Madrid and Galicia with a cast including Maria Valverde and Martin Ribas. Continental is co-producing with Brazil's Ccfbr Producoes.


Based in Santiago de Compostela, Bren was set up in 2000 as the animation studio wing of Barcelona's Filmax. It focuses on 3D animation productions, and has already enjoyed success with Donkey Xote and El Cid: The Legend, which was released in the US by Hanover House.

The Hairy Tooth Fairy 2

Dir: Andres G Schaer

Dist (Sp): Filmax

Local release date: 2009

Filmax is developing this follow up to the original, which made more than $6m worldwide, and will be co-producing with Castelao Productions and Patagonik Films.