Warner Bros has announced that the Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer will be released on IMAX screens simultaneous with its conventional release May 9, 2008.

Produced by Joel Silver, written and directed by The Matrix filmmakers and based on the anime series by Tatsuo Yoshida, the film stars Emile Hirsch as the eponymous free-wheeling race driver. Warner will be the exclusive distributor of the film to IMAX cinemas worldwide.

'Speed Racer combines riveting action with stunning special effects, making it an ideal choice for IMAX's format,' said Warner Bros. Pictures president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman in a statement. 'We are delighted to release the film to IMAX theatres, where audiences can experience the next best thing to actually sitting in the driver's seat during this high speed adventure.'

Welcoming the Wachowskis back into the giant-screen world - all three Matrix films as well as V For Vendetta were released in IMAX format - IMAX co-chairmen and co-CEOs Rich Gelfond and Brad Wechsler called the film a 'fantastic addition' to the company's slate. 'The unique vision of these talented filmmakers has always been well suited to IMAX's format, and we're more than excited to be a part of this release.'