French sales anddistribution outfit Wild Bunch has announced a slew of new titles which arelikely to be the talk of the upcoming French Film Rendez-Vous organised byexport body Unifrance.

Along with three films fromnew directors, Wild Bunch will handle the latest films from Bertrand Blier andNicole Garcia. Wild Bunch chief Vincent Maraval told Screendaily.comthat while these two films will not be sold until Cannes, some elements will beavailable for perusal by buyers.

The Blier film How MuchDo You Make' stars Gerard Depardieu, Monica Bellucci and Bernard Campan.With Wild Bunch's recent move into distribution, How Much Do You Make'is the first film for which it has taken all rights - theatrical, video andforeign.

The Euros 10m film is thestory of a regular guy (Campan) who wins the lottery and makes a deal with aprostitute (Bellucci) to double her monthly earnings if she stays only with himuntil the money runs out.

Depardieu plays Bellucci'spimp in the romantic comedy. A promo reel should be ready for Cannes with earlyelements of the script available at the Rendez-Vous.

The Garcia film, SelonCharlie, is the intertwining story of seven men along the lines of RobertAltman's Short Cuts. The lead cast includes Benoit Poelvoorde,Jean-Pierre Bacri, Vincent Lindon and Benoit Magimel. Shooting will begin inJanuary. Sales will begin at Cannes on the Euros 8m-10m film. Studio Canalholds theatrical rights.

Meanwhile, at theRendez-Vous, Wild Bunch will have elements of three films from first time directorsincluding Cold Showers by Anthony Cordier. Showers tells thestory of a poor teenage embarrassed by his situation as compared to that of hiswealthy best friend.

Wild Bunch is hoping theEuros 2.5m film will grab a spot in one of the Cannes sidebar competitions andMaraval says it could be a strong contender for the Camera D'Or. Wild Bunch maydistribute, though a decision has yet to be finalised.

Backstage, from Emmanuelle Bercot, stars Emmanuelle Seigner asa famous singer who visits a fan played by Isild Le Besco giving rise to astrange relationship between the two. Wild Bunch hopes to have the Euros 5mfilm ready for Cannes. Haut Et Court is producing and will release locally.

Francois Rautger's "visuallyoriginal" The Passenger is a thriller set between Canada and Japan. TheEuros 1m film, in Japanese and English, is "dark and beautiful" according toMaraval who says it will be ready for Cannes. Produced by Films A Un Dollar, ThePassenger will be released by Ocean in France.