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Michelle Hough

  • Italian cinema admissions crash


    Cinemaattendances plummeted in Italy by 18.05% in the first half of 2005 with a17.84% slump in box office, according to figures released by monitoring body,Cinetel.
  • MGM takes legal action against Cecchi Gori


    MGM is taking Italian film and TV giant Cecchi Gori Communications to court over non-payment on an output deal covering 200 films and television programmes currently being broadcast on Cecchi Gori-owned TV channel TeleMonteCarlo (TMC).
  • Italian film suffers domestic box office decline


    Admissions to Italian films dropped by almost 50% to 9 million in the eight months from August 1999 to March 2000, according to local trade body Cinetel, compared to 16 million the previous year.
  • Piracy stunting growth of Italian video market


    Italy''s sell-through video market was worth (lira708bn) in 1999 - more than the beer and ice-cream markets - according to a report from trade organisation Univideo. The rental market in 1999 was worth (lira300bn).


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