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Nick Roddick

  • Bermuda's top prizes go to Girls on the Wall, Music on Hold


    Bermuda International Film Festival (March 19-25) awards US documentary and Argentine comedy.
  • Moscow Belgium wins best feature at Bermuda Film Festival


    Cannes prize-winnerMoscow, Belgium, directed by Christophe Van Rompaey added another to its mantelpiece of awards by picking up Best Feature Film at the Bermuda International Film Festival, which wrapped at the weekend (March 28), at the end of one of the coldest March weeks in the mid-Atlantic island’s history.Best Documentary went to SXSW hit Garbage Dreams. Directed by Mai Iskander, the film tells the remarkable story of the ‘Zaballeen’ who, ...
  • In Focus: Summer festival review


    Here are three thoughts about film festivals. Some of us spend too much time at them. Like junkies trying to recapture that first blissful high, we return time and again in search of a lost sense of excitement and discovery. Second, some take themselves terribly seriously.
  • The bucks start here


    From the big bucks 1980s to the private equity boom, Cannes has been synonymous with the business of film. Nick Roddick, a former editor of Screen International, charts its development as an international deal-making hub.
  • The people who sum up the first 60 years of Cannes


    When the stars had it to themselvesGrace Kelly made her first visit to Cannes in 1955. Paris Match persuaded Prince Rainier of Monaco to be photographed with her. Seven months later, they were married. It was the ultimate Riviera romance (and the end of Kelly's film career).
  • Belleville Rendez-Vous (Les Triplettes De Belleville)


  • Blind Shaft director readies debut follow-up


    With the applause still ringing in his ears from the screening of his first feature, Blind Shaft, Chinese director Li Yang (pictured) has already put together most of the pieces for his follow-up, set during the Cultural Revolution.
  • Cast takes shape for Joffe's epic Invaders


    Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi is to play the lead Indian role in Roland Joffe's upcoming The Invaders, which is due to shoot in India later this year.