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Summer 1993

‘Summer 1993’: Berlin Review


Winner of the debut prize at the Berlinale, Catalan director Carla Simón’s story about an orphaned six year-old girl is authentic and memorable


'Logan': Berlin Review


Hugh Jackman saddles up one last time for James Mangold’s Western-infused Wolverine epic Logan

A Prominent Patient

'A Prominent Patient': Berlin Review


Stately, handsomely mounted biopic of Czech wartime statesman Jan Masaryk, played by Karel Roden

Ana, Mon Amour

'Ana, Mon Amour': Berlin Review


Calin Peter Netzer dissects the anatomy of a relationship in his expertly constructed emotional drama

Have A Nice Day

'Have A Nice Day': Berlin Review


Liu Jian’s stunning animation is both a visceral thriller and astute political statement about China’s place in the modern world

In Times of Fading Light

'In Times Of Fading Light': Berlin Review


Bruno Ganz plays the Communist patriarch of an East German family as the world starts to crumble around him


'Joaquim': Berlin Review


Julio Machado plays a revolutionary martyr in colonial, gold-rush Brazil in Marcelo Gomes’ sweaty, dusty film

On The Beach AT Night Alone

'On The Beach At Night Alone': Berlin Review


Life mirrors art in Hong Sangsoo’s latest meditation, about a director who has an affair with an actress

The Bar

'The Bar': Berlin Review


Alex de la Iglesia returns with an unflattering genre piece set inside a Madrid bar

Loving Pia

'Loving Pia': Berlin Review


Dir. Daniel Borgman. Denmark, 2017, 100 minutes

Return to Montauk

'Return To Montauk': Berlin Review


Stellan Skarsgård and Nina Hoss headline Volker Schlondorff’s rumination on long lost love, co-written by Colm Tóibín

Almost Heaven

'Almost Heaven': Berlin Review


Documentary set in one of China’s largest mortuaries where teenager Ying Ling learns her trade


'Colo': Berlin Review


The Portugese financial crisis comes home to roost in Teresa Villaverde’s mannered but original film

Freak Show

'Freak Show': Berlin Review


Trudie Styler’s debut is a frock-out-of-water High School yarn starring Alex Lawther as a flamboyant teen

Last Days In Havana

'Last Days In Havana': Berlin Review


Dir: Fernando Perez. Cuba, Spain 2017.93 mins

The Midwife

'The Midwife': Berlin Review


France’s two Catherines - Deneuve and Frot - are united in an entertaining and bespoke script from Martin Provost

Joseph Beuys (1972, credit, Andres Veiel)

'Beuys': Berlin Review


Three years in the making, Andres Veiel’s documentary about German artist Joseph Beuys takes its stylistic cues from its restlessly creative subject

Other side of hope

'The Other Side of Hope': Berlin Review


A Syrian refugee finds a safe haven in Aki Kaurismaki’s typically idiosyncratic follow-up to Le Havre

When The Day Had No Name

'When The Day Had No Name': Berlin Review


A real-life murder inspires this blunt, bleak examination of Macedonia’s cultural tensions

California Dreams

'California Dreams': Berlin Review


Five actors try for the big time in a documentary which tracks the real La La Land in Southern California

Requiem For Mrs J

'Requiem For Mrs J': Berlin Review


A depressed Balkan widow plans her final days in Bojan Vuletic’s dark comedy

Mr Long

'Mr Long': Berlin Review


Chang Chen is a roaming hitman who finds redemption in Sabu’s pan-Asian drama


'Untitled' (Michael Glawogger project): Berlin Review


Michael Glawogger’s last unfinished project is crafted into a poetic film by his longterm collaborator

The Party

'The Party': Berlin Review


Sally Potter delivers an ensemble comedy of manners in her most enjoyable film to date.

Bright Nights

'Bright Nights': Berlin Review


A father and son road trip through northern Norway, starring Georg Friedrich

Queen of Spain

'The Queen Of Spain': Berlin Review


Penelope Cruz reunites with director Fernando Trueba in a silly sequel to 1998’s The Girl Of Your Dreams

The Void 2

'The Void': Review


Monsters run amock in an abandoned hospital in the new creature feature from Jeremy Gillsepie and Steven Kostanski

Headbang Lullaby

'Headbang Lullaby': Berlin Review


Surreal Moroccan farce about football, cranial trauma, and interminable waiting

A Fanastastic Woman

'A Fantastic Woman': Berlin Review


A transgender woman loses her partner in Sebastian Leilo’s “wrenchingly emotional” drama

For Akheem

'For Ahkeem': Berlin Review


Documentary set in a bleak corner of St Louis, where a black high school student comes prematurely of age.

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