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Roger Clarke

  • The Golden Compass


    Dir: Chris Weitz US/UK 118minsA more well-tooled and expertly crafted beginning to a winter franchise is hard to imagine, yet it's this very gleaming perfection that may leave The Golden Compass open to accusations of soullessness and artifice. The perceived Americanisation of the greatest British children's publishing phenomenon since Harry Potter (the title of the US publication is used over the British) ...
  • Michael Clayton


    Dir:Tony Gilroy USA , 2007, 119 mins George Clooney isn't out to break the mould with Michael Clayton, a slow, moody and insomniac thriller which wears its social conscience very much on its sleeve. In Syriana andGood Night and Good Luck (and to some extent The Good German) audiences have become familiar with this particular Clooney type - an isolated man on the edge of a moral and personal abyss.