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Ross Johnson

  • Samaha files for new trial against Baeres, Intertainment


    Elie Samaha, the filmproducer who lost a $106m jury verdict last June in Los Angeles federal courtin a fraud and breach-of-contract suit filed by Germany's IntertainmentLicensing, has filed for a rematch.
  • Court orders Samaha, Franchise to pay $121.5m


    A federal judge in Santa Ana, California, entered judgmentyesterday (17 Aug) against Elie Samaha, Franchise Pictures, and 18 Franchiseone-off production companies for $121.5m.Thejudgment, pending post-trial motions and appeals, marks the conclusion of the four-yearlegal battle between Franchise and its former co-production partner,Intertainment Licensing GmbH.
  • Samaha's personal liability to increase in Intertainment case


    On Friday in aSanta Ana, California federal courtroom, what may be the biggest bomb in amovie career filled with them was aimed squarely at Franchise Pictures CEO ElieSamaha.
  • Samaha, Franchise stung with $29m punitive damages in Intertainment case


    Make no mistake:Last week's jury verdict victoryfor Intertainment Licensing CEO Rudiger"Barry" Baeres over Franchise Pictures CEO Elie Samaha in their epic budgetpumping fraud lawsuit was a total annihilation of Franchise, and could suck upwhat's left of Samaha's personal war chest.
  • More bad news for Samaha in Intertainment case


    Today in the Santa Ana,Calfornia courtroom where Elie Samaha and his Franchise Pictures lost itsbattle with Intertainment AG earlier this week, the jury came back with thepunitive damages verdict, and it's more bad news for Samaha.
  • Baeres celebrates stunning court victory over Samaha


    In the end, it was personal.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Verdict returned in Intertainment v Franchise case


    The jury returned a verdicttoday in the matter of Intertainment vs Franchise Pictures and Elie Samaha in aSanta Ana courtroom today.
  • Jury begins deliberations in Franchise/Intertainment lawsuit


    The jury retired yesterdayin the Intertainment vs Franchise lawsuit which has become one of the longestand most high-profile spats in the history of the international film business.
  • Baeres wouldn't put a production auditor on Franchise movies, says Williamson


    While charging his employees for office coffee, IntertainmentLicensing CEO Rudiger "Barry" Baeres spurned repeated requests to put aproduction auditor on film sets where the budgets were being fraudulentlypumped for tens of millions of dollars, said his former co-managing director ina federal courtroom ...
  • Intertainment lawsuit takes a new twist


    One of the longest andugliest legal fights in independent film business history took yetanother stunning turn on Thursday when the former co-managing director and leadcounsel for Intertainment Licensing attempted to virtually destroy the case ofhis one-time boss, Intertainment CEO Rudiger 'Barry' Baeres.
  • Baeres 'had to destroy' Intertainment


    The wild ride ofIntertainment Licensing CEO Rudiger "Barry" Baeres took a solemn turn onTuesday as Baeres described the collapse of his company to a jury in a SantaAna, California federal courtroom.
  • Samaha faces heat in Intertainment lawsuit


    FranchisePictures CEO Elie Samaha's unique defense in his marathon litigation withIntertainment Licensing was put to the test Tuesday in a Santa Ana, Californiafederal courtroom, and his explanations for why he admittedly pumped thebudgets on Franchise films were akin to his own analogy comparing making filmsto making souffles: Some rose, some didn't.
  • Defiant Samaha steps into witness box


    Yesterday, five years andthousands of miles away from the hotel room in Cannes where they formed whatwas supposed to be one of the most lucrative alliances in independent filmfinancing history, Elie Samaha and Rudiger "Barry" Baeres finally facedtheir moment of truth.