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Steven Rosen

  • I Think I Love My Wife


    Dir: Chris Rock. US. 2007. 94mins.
  • On The Road With Judas


  • The Signal (La Senal)


    Dirs/Writers: David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry, Dan Bush. 99 minutes. U.S. 2006.A low-budget horror picture filmed in high-definition video to look ultra-realistic, The Signal has mind-numbingly brutal gore and violence that could catch on with extremist horror buffs because of its unusual structure and fast-moving nature. The picture appeared at Sundance Film Festival's edgy Park City at Midnight programme because ...
  • Joshua


    Dir: George Ratliff. 105 minutes. U.S. A tense, stylish and satisfyingly adult psychological thriller about the bad side of having children, George Ratliff's
  • Teeth


    Dir/Writer: Mitchell Lichtenstein. 87 minutes. USWriter/director Mitchell Lichtenstein's, Teeth could have been just another bloody gross-out horror comedy with a gimmick - a teen virgin discovers she has a toothed vagina. But the sexuality angle, as well as the luminous presence and naturalistic performance of Jess Weixler as that girl, raises the film into something ...
  • Trade


    Dir: Marco Kreuzpaintner. US. 2007. 113mins.While unconvincing as a muck-raking look at how a network of foreign sex-slave traffickers can operate within the US, Trade often works as a gritty, sordid thriller due to the pulsating, viscerally kinetic direction by German director Marco Kreuzpaintner. Working in Mexico City and the US, in Spanish and English, Kreuzpaintner brings ...
  • Factory Girl


    Dir: George Hickenlooper. US. 2006. 90mins.Sienna Miller does more than effectively capture doomed but beautiful 1960s pop art icon Edie Sedgwick with Factory Girl, George Hickenlooper's portrait of the Andy Warhol-anointed superstar that also conveys the elegant grunginess of the era.In ...
  • The Painted Veil


    Dir: John Curran. US-Chi.2006. 125mins.Adapted from W Somerset Maugham's novelabout an idealistic newlywed British couple living in turbulent 1920s China, JohnCurran's The Painted Veil is apalpably alive and heart-rending romantic drama about the extremes -geographic, sexual and emotional - travelled in a struggling marriage. Far morethan an attractive literary period-piece, it is successful ...
  • Blood Diamond


  • Darkbluealmostblack


  • Deja Vu


  • Beautiful Ohio


    Dir: Chad Lowe. US. 2006.91mins.
  • Lies & Alibis


    Dir: Kurt Matilla, Matt Checkowski. US. 2006. 90mins.
  • Happy Feet


    Dir: George Miller. US.2006. 98mins.HappyFeet is one strange bird of an animated movie. Directedby George Miller, who was behind Babe(1995) and its badly-received sequel, it is by turns giddy, maudlin,swinging, narratively overstuffed and artisticallymagnificent as it makes the case - not always in jest - that penguins would havea better ...
  • The Dead Girl


  • A Good Year


  • The US Vs John Lennon


  • The US Vs John Lennon


    MIME-Version: 1.0Content-Location: file:///C:/1E88C64E/johnlennon.htmContent-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printableContent-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii"Dirs: David Leaf/John Scheinfeld.US. 2006. 99mins.Despite its provocative title, David Leaf and John Sch=einfeld'sdocumentary The US Vs John Lennon isas ...
  • Lady In The Water


    Dir: M Night Shayamalan.US. 2006. 110 mins.
  • Nacho Libre