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UK partnership announces new lighting for audience immersion

London-based OP Film & Media and UK tech company amBX UK Ltd have partnered to develop a new patented lighting technology for cinemas.

London-based OP Film & Media and UK tech company amBX UK Ltd have partnered to develop a new patented lighting technology for cinemas that aims to increase audience immersion in the cinematic experience.

The agreement came after the premiere at the Raindance Film Festival of Errors of the Human Body [pictured], an amBX-enhanced production.

amBX technology uses proprietary lighting controls capabilities to subliminally affect the viewer’s experience of watching a film.

Neil MacDonald, amBX CEO described the technology: “The effect is immediate and varies from the subtlest hint to full-on dramatic impact, which engages the viewer and transports them into the film’s content in new and emotional ways. We can all understand how an explosion or a lightning storm may be simply projected throughout the auditorium using carefully placed colour lights triggered to wash over and envelope us. The most exciting and interesting concept which the amBX technology brings is the ability to be totally engulfed in the emotion and experience of the film’s entire content and narrative.”

MacDonald continued: “We are extremely excited by this agreement and the potential to work with filmmakers to use the medium of light with the audience to emotionally connect them with the film narrative in exciting ways by providing what is essentially a new creative palette with which they can engage the viewer. This deal with OP Film and Media will connect amBX with some of the most exciting film projects whether released or yet to be produced.”

Patrick Pinnock, director of OP Film and Media added: “After applying the amBX technology to the screening of Errors of the Human Body, we recognised the potential to change the way in which we experience cinema in the future.

“The feedback that we have received through this early development stage has encouraged us to commence discussions with the industry and move to the next stage of development of the technology. Having experienced amBX, we firmly believe it has huge potential in the entertainment space and are very excited to work with amBX and to continue developing and delivering their technology for a new cinematic experience.”

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