Universal's The Interpreter remained the top international picture at the weekend,grossing an estimated $11.9m through UIP on 2,340 screens in 31 territories toraise its international running total to $25m.

The UN-set thriller, which opened top in North America on $22.8m,thrived with number one debuts in many territories, strong holds and smalldrops in existing markets.

The Interpreter opened top in Germany on $2m on 398 screens and 23% market share,while Fox International's Guess Who challenges its claims of a number one debut in Brazil on$600,000 on 122.

The picture remained top in itssecond weekend in the UK on $2.4m on 367 and 19% market share for a $7m runningtotal.

In Australia, where there is a national holiday on Monday, thepicture climbed two places to number one on $1m on 203 for $2.8m. Spain stayedtop on $1.2m on 197 for $3.8m after two weekends.

Elsewhere, The Interpreter opened top in Hong Kong and Singapore, second in South Koreaon $755,000 on 90, second in Mexico on $664,000 on 210, and second in Austriaon $263,000 on 48.

The Interpreter has 21 territories to go including Japan on May 21, however it isunlikely to remain top next weekend when Sony Pictures Releasing International(SPRI) unleashes XXX: State Of The Union around the world.

DreamWorks International's The Ring 2 added $3.9m from 3,864 cinemas in 52territories for a $72.2m international running total.

Italy was the highest grossing territory of the weekend on$594,000 in 258 cinemas for fifth place and a $5.5m cumulative total. Latestfigures put France on $5.4m, Germany on $6.7m, the UK on $9.7m, Spain on $6.5m,and Russia on $3.3m.

Paramount's Sahara added $3.7m through UIP in 1,038 cinemas in five territories for a$12.5m cumulative total. It opened top in Italy on $725,000 in 195 cinemas andsecond in Spain on $1.2m in 216 cinemas. After three weekends the adventureranked fifth in the UK on $7m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Pacifier grossed $8.6m for a $31.5m cumulativetotal, powered by a number one debut in Mexico that produced $1.9m.

The family title opened on$850,000 in Italy - contesting the Sahara result- and added $1.4m in its second weekend in Germany for $3.6m. After fiveweekends in Australia it ranked second on $855,000 for $7.4m.

The distributor opened Garden State well in France, where the romance grossed$900,000 on 110.

Fox International's The Amityville Horror added $3m for $8.2m. Highlights were$1.8m on 345 prints in its second weekend in the UK for a $5.5m running totalthere, while the picture opened in fourth place in Germany on $676,000 on 343.

Guess Who added $2.8m for $5.6m, powered by a contested numberone debut in Brazil on $596,000 on 153 (UIP is also claiming top spot with TheInterpreter), a $1.4m debut in the UK on350, and a fifth place opening in Mexico on $481,000 on 275. The comedy has grossed $2.5m after three weekends in Australia.

Hide And Seek opened in Japan on $1.5m on 279 as the thrillergrossed at least $2m for a running total of more than $60.3m. Not allterritories had reported at time of writing.

Robots is closing in on $100m after raising its total by$1.5m to $97m, while Be Cooladded $1.2m for $30m, and Sahara openedtop in Fox's only territory of Taiwan on $584,000 on 73.

SPRI's romantic comedy Hitchadded $3m on 2,300 prints in 60 countriesfor a $175.6m international running total. Japan opens on Jun 4.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Constantine grossed $3m on 1,241 screens in 40 territories for a $136.4minternational cumulative total. It stayed top in its second weekend in Japan on$2.3m with 176,497 admissions from 349 screens for $9m.

MissCongeniality 2 added$2.9m on 2477 screens in 58 territories for a $44.3m international running total. The comedysequel has grossed $2.4m in Mexico after two weekends, and $1.1m in Switzerlandafter the same amount of time. Upcoming debuts are set for Italy on May 6 andJapan on May 21.

Buoyed by a $298,508 numner one opening including previews in Taiwan on 60 screens, Sahara grossed $1.9m through Summit Entertainment markets at the weekend - not including Spain - for a $13.3m international running total.

The distributor opened psycho-thriller The Jacket in second place in Taiwan on $211,000 inlcuding previews on 43 screens.