There-edited version of Wong Kar Wai's 2046 opened thisweek in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan following a whistle-stop promotional touraround the region's major cities.

Although the filmwas praised by critics when it screened in competition at this year's CannesFilm Festival, many felt it needed polishing. Wong has since worked on thetechnical aspects including the colour grading, music and special effects - thelatter with Paris-based effects house BUF. He's also added some scenes andshuffled around others resulting in a much more coherent and technicallysuperior film.

In particular, therelationship between the characters played by Faye Wong and Japanese superstarTakuya Kimura in the 1960s portion of the film has been fleshed out. The doomedrelationship provides inspiration for the sci-fi novel that is being written byLeung's character and which forms the futuristic segments of the film.

However, Jet Toneinsists that, contrary to rumours, no further shooting took place after Cannes.Rumours started to swirl when some of the film's cast appeared in Hong Kongearlier this summer. According to Jet Tone and the film's sales agent,Fortissimo Films, they were only shooting publicity photos and poster images.

Wong's upcomingprojects also include a film based on the life of Bruce Lee's kung-fu masterwhich is set to star Leung. At one point it looked like this would becomeWong's next film after 2046, but hasnow been pushed back until after the Kidman project.