Daniel Brocklebank is to star in Release, which has been written and will be directed by Christian Martin and Darren Flaxstone.

Martin and Flaxstone previously wrote the script for British gang culture thriller Shank and will be making their directing debut with Release. Shooting will start on the July 24 2009 in Bristol.

The story follows Father Jack Gillie who is imprisoned for assisting in his younger brother’s suicide. Abandoned by his church and challenged by his faith he finds love with an idealistic prison guard.

“I’m really interested in projects that tackle contemporary relevant hard hitting issues, both morally and religiously and Release has all these elements in a very strong moving narrative” said Brocklebank.

Martin said: “I have followed Dan’s career since I first saw him in Lord of the Flies at the RSC when he was 15, I’ve been trying to work with him ever since. He’s a great actor for our leading role.”