A woman travels to Ceausescu’s Romania for the first time since finding refuge in Ireland as a child escaping the Holocaust.

Prod companies: Danielfilm Studio (Hungary), Artis Film (Romania), Illusion Film (Sweden)

Backers: Film-I-Vast (Sweden), Eurimages, Motion Picture Public Foundation (Hungary), National Cultural Fund (Hungary), CNC Romania

Producers: Judit Elek, Cornelia Palos, Peter Hiltunen

Budget: $2.4m

Intl sales: tba

Director: Judit Elek

Screenplay: Judit Elek

DoP: Laszlo Berger

Production Design: tba

Cast: tba

Locations: Goteborg, Sweden; Romania

Shooting dates: July-October 2009

Contact: Judit Elek, Danielfilm Studio, (36) 1 275 2377