Things go wrong when a father and his teenage son go on a treacherous cave-diving exploration  

Prod company Sanctum Australia Pty Ltd

Backers  Wayfare Entertainment, Relativity Media

Budget  $30 million (A$30 million)

Executive producers  James Cameron, Ben Browning, Michael Maher, Peter Rawlinson, Ryan Kavanaugh

Producer  Andrew Wight  

Co-producer  Aaron Ryder

Intl sales  FilmNation

Director  Alister Grierson

Screenplay  Andrew Wight, John Garvin

DoP  Jules O’Loughlin

Production design  Nicholas McCallum

Cast  tba

Locations  Warner Roadshow Studios and surrounds, Queensland

Shoot dates November 30-March 5, 2009

Contact, Leesa Kahn, associate producer, +61 7 5585 9200, lk@gfnproductions com au