Eleven British filmmakers will participate in Second Picture Syndrome, a training programme that develops and packages mid-budget ($10m to $25m) films for the international market.

The film-makers have been chosen for their ability and ambition to make mainstream commercial cinema with international appeal. The scheme will help them to develop projects with the aim of securing a financial and creative package.

The Skillset funded scheme, which is managed by Slingshot Productions, includes seminars and master-classes by industry leaders. Its partner companies The Salt Company, Optimum Releasing and Ingenious will also be available to offer advice, as will Christian Colson (Cloud 9 Films), Marc Samuelson (CinemaNX), Stephen Garrett (Kudos), Colin Vaines (GK Films) and Ian George (Fox UK).

Central to the scheme is a week long trip to Los Angeles where the participants will pitch to, and learn from production companies, studios, financiers and agents. 

The participants, selected from almost a hundred applicants, are:

  • Gordon Anderson (Director, The In-Betweeners; Catherine Tate Show)
  • Olly Blackburn (Writer/Director, Donkey Punch)
  • Andy Briggs (Author, Hero.com; Villain.net)
  • Mike Carey (Comic Book Creator, Lucifer; Hellblazer)
  • Robert Evans (Writer, Green Green Grass; Sadie Jones)
  • Lindy Heymann (Writer/Director, Show Boy; Kicks)
  • Saul Metzstein (Director, Late NightShopping; Guy X)
  • Gareth Maxwell Roberts (Writer/Director, Kill Kill Faster Faster)
  • Richard Smith (Writer, Trauma)
  • Jon Wright (Director, Tormented)
  • Dan Zeff (Director, Lost in Austen; Ideal).