Supernatural thriller about a young couple go to an idyllic and uninhabited coral island for a romantic camping holiday, only to discover that they are not alone.

Prod companies  Uninhabited Films Pty Ltd

Backers  Screen Australia, private investors

Budget  n/a

Executive producers  Richard Sheffield, Jon Silver, Michel Bouskila

Producers  Bill Bennett, Silvana Milat, Paul Quin

Intl sales  SC Films

Aust/NZ Distribution  Plyphony Entertainment

Director  Bill Bennett

Screenplay  Bill Bennett  

DoP  Lachlan Milne

Production design  Simon Dobbin

Cast  Geraldine Hakewill, Henry James

Locations  Masthead Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Shoot dates  July/August 2009

Contact  Silvana Milat, producer, +61 412 465 720, sm@bjfilms com au