Walt Disney has merged its theatrical and home entertainment divisions in Japan

Theatrical distribution unit Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Japan and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Japan, which handles DVD and Blu-ray, the Disney Channel and VoD will now operate under the name of Walt Disney Studios Japan. The studio consolidated its divisions as of March 1.

The company cited its aim to streamline and synergize both promotion and contents packaging of its releases from theatrical to its internet and mobile streaming services to meet evolving consumer demands.

The changes in Japan are part of ongoing global initiatives by Walt Disney Company in the US, which include shorter release windows.

Walt Disney earned $115m (Y10.39b) in the territory last year, with December 2008 release Wall-E as its biggest contributor at $44.3m.

Disney released The Princess And The Frog on March 6, ranking in fifth place with weekend box office figures yet to be published. Global hit Alice In Wonderland does not open in Japan until April 17.