Eleven films have been namedeligible for the 2003 Best Animated Feature Film Academy Award by the AcademyOf Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Per the rules of the category, thatmeans that a maximum of three films can be nominated.

They are The Jungle Book2, Piglet's Big Movie and BrotherBear from Walt Disney FeatureAnimation, Finding Nemo fromPixar and Disney, Pokemon Heroesfrom Dimension/Miramax, Rugrats Go Wild! from Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount, Looney Tunes: Back In Action from Warner Bros and four foreign films: SylvainChomet's The Triplets Of Bellevillefrom France (US distributor: Sony Classics), Eberhard Junkersdorf's TillEulenspiegel from Germany, and twofrom Japan's Satoshi Kon: Millenium Actress (US distributor: Go Fish/DreamWorks) and TokyoGodfathers (US distributor: SamuelGoldwyn Films/IDP).

The eligibility of TillEulenspiegel, Tokyo Godathers and TheTriplets Of Belleville is subject totheir opening in Los Angeles prior to Dec 31. Triplets is scheduled to open on Nov 21, while Till and Tokyo are due to open on Dec 5.

DreamWorks SKG did notsubmit Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas, which explains its omission from the shortlist.