AlexandreRockwell's comedy 13 Moons will kick off the 9th annual Avignon/New York Film Festival,which features 18 American and French independent pictures and runs from Apr 5to Apr 13 in New York. 13 Moons will be introduced by Rockwell and the picture's lead actorSteve Buscemi.

The festival,which each year showcases US and French independent pictures, will close withJoseph Sargent's Out Of The Ashes, which will be presented by the director and the leadactress, Christne Lahti.

Featuring alongside the screenings will be a programme ofpanel discussions, retrospectives and short films as well as the 21st CenturyFilm-maker Awards, which comprise the 'Roger' statuette and a$50,000 award in products and services.

Among the titles are: Scott Saunders' The TechnicalWriter, starring Tatum O'Neill; ZevBerman's Briar Patch,starring Dominique Swain; Virginie Wagon's Sous Mes Yeux (Under My Eyes); Bernard Rapp's Pas Si Grave (Not So Serious); and Isabelle Doval's Rires EtChatiments (Laughter AndPunishment).