The Stockholm International Film Festival has unveiled the full line-up of its 13th edition, to be held November 14-24.

During the course of 11 days - and nights - the festival will present more than 150 films, as well as seminars and festivities. This year's program includes 68 first-time filmmakers as well as Scandinavian premieres of more than 100 films.

The festival competition for directors producing their first, second or third feature film includes productions, like the critically acclaimed Japon (awarded best Latin American film at the recent film festival in Rio), Lynne Ramsey's Morvern Callar, Gaspar Noe's provocative Irreversible and Karim Ainouz's Madame Sata.

Opening the event will be Julie Taymor's Frida, while Francois Ozon's fifth feature film 8 Femmes will close the festival.

A special spotlight section, Latino, is devoted to new films from the artistically spicy Latin American production industry. Titles include Durval Discos by Anna Muylaert and Un Dia De Suerte by Sandra Gugliota.

One of Sweden's all-time great actors, Erland Josephson (pictured), is the recipient of this year's Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award. In a section called Josephson by Josephson, the Stockholm festival will screen four films chosen by the actor himself: Bergman's After The Rehearsal, Tarkovski's The Sacrifice, Cavani's Beyond Good And Evil, and Makavejev's Montenegro - Or Pigs And Pearls.

Other guests to visit the festival include Gaspar Noe, Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo), Olivier Assayas (Demonlover) and Carlos Reygadas (Japon).

Australian Rules (Australia) dir. Paul Goldman
Bloody Sunday (Ireland/UK) dir. Paul Greengrass
Carnages (France/Spain) dir. Delphine Gleize
Go (Japan) dir. Isao Yukisada
Hukkle (Hungary) dir. Gyorgy Pálfi
Intacto (Spain) dir. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Irreversible (France) dir. Gaspar Noe
Japon (Spain) dir. Carlos Reygadas
Madame Sata (Brazil/France) dir. Karim Ainouz
Mon-rak Transistor (Thailand) dir. Pen-ek Ratanaurang
Morvern Callar (UK) dir. Lynne Ramsay
Narc (USA) dir. Joe Carnahan
A New Life (France) dir. Philippe Grandrieux
One Hour Photo (USA) dir. Mark Romanek
Paradox Lake (USA/Poland) dir. Shemie Reut
Piedras (Spain) dir.Ramon Salazar
The Slaughter Rule (USA) dir. Andrew & Alex Smith
This Is Not A Love Song (UK) dir. Billie Eltringham
Yellowknife (Canada) dir.Rodrigue Jean