'Visual effects and animation dominate the movie-going experience like at no time in history.'

Yair Landau, former president of Sony Pictures Digital, on the drive towards the cinema of spectacle (January)

'A fundamental problem with film, from an investor's point of view, is the lack of visibility of both past and future performance ... the market has no way of knowing how existing slate deals are really performing.'

Continental Entertainment Capital CEO Ben Waisbren on why investors shy away from film (February)

'As a community we need to look beyond this year and question and revise our ways of doing business because if we don't, our customers will do it for us.'

David Kosse, president of Universal Pictures International, offers a warning on the future of film (March)

'We must scale up and become globally relevant.'

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, sets a challenge to the Indian industry at Frames (April)

'You can count on one hand the independent companies able to bring studio-level product to the marketplace.'

Helen Lee Kim, president of Mandate International, in the aftermath of the loss of New Line (May)

'The sky really is falling.'

Film Department chief executive Mark Gill gives a bleak assessment of the independent industry (June)

'The market is over-saturated, supply is greater than demand from the exhibitors and I doubt if Tartan will be the only one to go.'

Edward Fletcher, MD of Soda Pictures, on prospects for distribution following the closure of Tartan Films (July).