'We are facing a major phenomenon that could endanger the film and television industry.'

Frederic Delacroix, the director of Alpa, on rising levels of online piracy (August)

'They will be out of the film-finance business for a long time.'

Stephen Prough, founder of Los Angeles-based investment bank Salem Partners, on the banks (August)

'In film we have buckets of creative talent but scarcely any business capacity.'

Patrick McKenna, chairman of Ingenious Media, talks tough about the UK film industry (September)

'Even with the slight reduction of companies operating in this space, there are still too many movies being released. It is very, very difficult to get your voice heard.'

Miramax president Daniel Battsek spells out the harsh realities for indie films at the London Film Finance Market (October)

'What has lasted is content. All these mobile companies are ignoring content and saying they are king - well, they make a good queen, but they're not king.'

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner says content is still king at Mipcom (October)

'What I don't want to see is a breakdown in solidarity between these three levels of cinema ... I fear digital will threaten that solidarity, with everyone looking after themselves.'

Claude-Eric Poiroux, general director of Europa Cinema, on the threat that cinemas will struggle to make the D-cinema switch (October)

'This is the greatest (film) innovation since colour, 70 years ago.'

Jeffrey Katzenberg talks up the potential for 3D (December)