Vampire film 30 Days Of Nightwas the highest new entry in the UK chart this weekend, coming in atnumber two for Icon with a $3.2m (£1.5m) take, including $818,269 (£391,852) ofpreviews.

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The horror film, released through Icon Film Distribution, played across385 sites and enjoyed the highest site average at $8,284 (£3,981).Based on a series of cult graphic novels written by Steve Niles and BenTemplesmith, the film sees a gang of vampires attack a remote Alaskantown that is without sun for 30 days of the year. It stars JoshHartnett and Melissa George.

But not all UK audiences were still in Halloween mode as Disney/Pixar animation Ratatouillecontinued to hold on to the top slot. The family film generated $3.2mfrom 498 sites for a $6,471 (£3,110) site average over the three-dayperiod. It boasts a whopping $42.2m ($20.3m) tally after four weekendson release.

Paramount Pictures International's (PPI) Starduststayed at number three, generating $2.9m (£1.4m) over the weekend. Thefantasy adventure, directed by Matthew Vaughn, fell by 39%. It playedacross 448 sites for a $6,582 (£3,163) site average. It has grossednearly $20m after three weekends.

Working Title's Elizabeth: The Golden Ageopened at number four with a $2.8m (£1.3m) take. The follow-up to1998's Elizabeth played across 451 sites, boasting a $6,221 (£2.990)site average. It is directed by Shekhar Kapur (who directed the firstinstalment), and stars Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen. Itis released through Universal Pictures International (UPI).

Saw IV stayed in the top five this weekend despite falling by60%. The gruesome horror film, distributed by Lionsgate UK, generatedmore than $2m (£988,489) from 389 sites for a $5,287 (£2,541) siteaverage. It has made $10.1m (£4.8m) after just two weekends on release.

Pathe Distribution's Eastern Promises, directed byDavid Cronenberg, fell two places to number six over the weekend. Thecrime drama dropped 39% with a $793,437 (£381,326) take from 269screens. It has generated nearly $3m (£1.4m) after two weekends.

British comedy Death At A Funeralmade the top 10 in its first weekend, taking $743,263 (£357,212) from309 sites, putting it at number seven. The family farce, directed byFrank Oz, is distributed by Verve Pictures. It stars Matthew Macfadyenand Keeley Hawes.

CIA thriller Rendition fell threeplaces to number eight over the weekend. The film, released throughEntertainment Film Distributors, just crossed the $0.5m (£266,709) markafter dropping by 51%. It played across 259 sites and has a $4.5m(£2.2m) tally in the UK to date.

Ben Stiller starrer The Heartbreak Kidfell 58% to number nine with a $300,187 (£144,270) take over theweekend. PPI's comedy, directed by the Farrelly Brothers, played on 211sites and has generated $9.7m (£4.7m) after five weekends on release.

And UK audiences are still flocking to see David Schwimmer's directorial debut Run, Fat Boy, Run.The Simon Pegg comedy remains in the top 10 in its ninth weekend with a$209,865 (£100,861) take across 138 sites. It fell 55% but boasts a$22.4m (£10.7m) tally to date.

Elsewhere in the chart Indian teen romance Jab We Met,from Studio 18, fell 39% to number 11 with a $198,077 (£95,196) weekendtake from just 32 sites, enjoying a $6,190 (£2,975) site average. AndPakistani film Khuda Ke Liye (In The Name Of God) opened in the top 20 with a $77,690 (£37,338) take across just 12 sites.

The top 20 films in the UK generated $18m from the period of November2-4 and were collectively down 19.2% compared to the same period lastyear.