Close to 30 companies will get an early look at 35 new projects from 13 countries at the upcoming Iberoamerican Co-production Forum (Nov 19-21) at Spain's Iberoamerican Film Festival of Huelva (Nov 18-25).

Projects range from the low budget $300,000 El Premio from Peru's Alberto (Chicho) Durant to the $12m La Mula, a Spanish Civil War tale from director Michael Radford produced by Spain's Gheko Films and London-based The Bureau. Most projects settle in the $1-2m range.

Other projects, selected from more than 122 presented, come from such name directors from the region as:

* Miguel Littin (Chile) - historical drama Dawson. Isla 10
* Gerardo Tort (Mexico) - drama Los Anos Rotos
* Enrique Gabriel (Spain) - comedy El Hijo Del Jefe
* Beatriz Flores Silva (Uruguay) - tragicomedy Polvo Nuestro Que Estas En Los Cielos
* Alejandro Chomski (Argentina) - black comedy Dormir Al Sol
* Jorge Gaggero (Argentina) - drama La Seguridad De Los Perros.

Among the 26 "receptor" companies confirmed from Europe and Latin America are Buena Vista Internacional and Patagonik from Argentina; Columbia Pictures, Filmax and Intuition Media from Spain; Italy's Buskin Film; and the UK's Spice Factory.

More are expected to confirm in the days ahead.

A sign of the Forum's success, three participants from past editions are included in the official selection of the 32nd edition of the Huelva festival this year:

* Chicha Tu Madre from de Gianfranco Quattrini (Peru/Argentina)
* American Visa from Juan Carlos Valdivia (Bolivia/Mexico
* Solo Dios Sabe from Carlos Bolado (Mexico/Brazil.

The remaining nine films competing for the Euros 60,000 Golden Columbus Award and other prizes in the official section of the festival are: Rudi Lagemann's Anjos Do Sol (Brazil); Manuel Perez Paredes' Paginas Del Diario De Mauricio (Cuba/Spain); Alberto Fuguet's Se Arrienda (Chile); Francisco Vargas Quevedo'sEl Violin (Mexico); Judith Velez's La Prueba (Peru/Cuba); Manuel Nieto's La Perrera (Uruguay/Argentina/Spain/Canada); Santiago Loza's Cuatro Mujeres Descalzas (Argentian/Germany/France/Holland); Jorge Duran's Proibido Proibir (Brazil/Chile/Spain); and Alejandro Doria's Los Manos (Spain/Argentina).

Actor Ernesto Alterio and producer-distributor-exhibitor Jose Maria Morales of Wanda Films will receive the festival's prestigious City of Huelva career awards.

The seventh annual edition of the Co-production Forum is sponsored by the festival together with the Spanish producers' federation FAPAE, the Spanish foreign commerce institute ICEX, the Spanish film institute ICAA and, for the first time, the Andalusian foreign promotional agency Extenda.