The UK Film Council's Premiere Fund has awarded more than$3.5m (£2m)of National Lottery Funding to two productions.

The biggest sum - $2.9m (£1.62m)- was awarded toChristopher Smith's Triangle, apsychological thriller set inside the Bermuda Triangle.

It will be produced by Dan Films' Jason Newmark and Julie Baines in the UK, and Chris Brown from Pictures In Paradise in Australia. Icon Entertainment International will distribute worldwide.

Oliver Parker's Oscar Wilde adaptation, Dorian Gray, has been awarded $0.9m (£0.5m).

The productionreunites Parker withBarnaby Thompson, with whom he worked most recently onSt Trinian's.

The pair previously worked together on two other successful Oscar Wilde screen adaptations The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband.

The film is an Ealing Studios presentation of a Fragile Film backed by Prescience, Aramid and the UK Film Council. Momentum Pictures will distribute in the UK with Ealing Studios International selling the international rights. Alliance Films has also acquired the film for Canada (Alliance Films) and Spain (Aurum).

The Premiere Fund annually invests $14.1m (£8m) of National Lottery money into mainstream, commercially-driven films, with the aim of encouraging British creative talent across a range of films. Around eight to nine films are supported each year.