Sabine Derflinger's latest feature 42 Plus will be the opening film atthis year's Austrian national film festival Diagonale (March 19-25)which is being held in the Styrian capital for the tenth time this year.

The DOR Film production, starring Claudia Michelsen, Ulrich Tukur,and Tobias Moretti, centres on a 42-year-old woman whose eye is caughtby a young hitchhiker as she arrives with her husband and teenagedaughter at their summer home.

What follows is a story of a womanfreeing herself, tearing her life into pieces and then putting it backtogether in a different order.

The screenplay was written by Derflingerwith the internationally-respected Danish screenwriter Mogens Rukov(Festen, Reconstruction) who came to the Diagonale last year to give alecture about Danish cinema.

The Diagonale's programmers have so far also confirmed two specialsidebars on European women filmmakers and documentaries which have beencompiled by former Diagonale festival directors Christine Dollhofer(now director of the Crossing Europe festival in Linz each April) andConstantin Wulff, and the Austrian premiere of Jakob M. Erwa's featuredebut Heile Welt.